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Donate for Music
Donate some cash and I'll write some music (UDOM style by default).
Every 5 euro or US$ results in at least 1 minute of doom (minimum donation is 5 euro or 5 US$).
Paypal, Skrill, cash, banktransfer accepted. Contact me at for larger donations or if you have questions.
See bottom of this page for detailed info.

D4M tracks created so far :
Click an entry for more info. Sorted by most recent release date.

The Nothing Death (05/2023)
A Bleak Declaration (01/2023, appears on Decay Into Irrelevance)

Frere Jacques (09/2022, appears on Decay Into Irrelevance)
Filtering out of Reality (05/2022, appears on Decay Into Irrelevance)

The Dreaming Sea (08/2021, appears on Decay Into Irrelevance)

A Forgotten Dream (11/2020, appears on As Dead As Time)
Endling (09/2020, appears on As Dead As Time)

Spectre (09/2019, appears on Herald of Sorrow)
Fractures in Earth (02/2019, appears on Herald of Sorrow)

Mind Collapse (05/2018, appears on They Know)
To Fade (05/2018, appears on They Know)

Domain of Storms (08/2017, appears on They Know)
Loss (02/2017, appears on Hell & Rain)

Blazarrise (08/2016, appears on Hell & Rain)
Magistralis (05/2016, appears on Well of Dreams)
Deathcaller (02/2016, appears on Well of Dreams)
Ancient Light (01/2016, appears on Well of Dreams)
What will your donations be used for?
General operational costs (chocolate food, electricity), and audio software & hardware.

Detailed info :
Only donations above 5 euro or 5 US$ will result in a track being made, with the track length at least 1 minute for every 5 euro or 5 US$ donated.
Feel free to add some info with your donation, regarding music genre, concept, etc. Where possible, these can be made part of the track.
This is not a purchase, and all rights of the track remain with myself. The track will be made available for free on my website.
Donations can be made through Paypal (, Skrill (, cash or banktransfer. Contact me for address or transfer details.

Why a donation system?
I'd like to make my music available for free, but I still need money to survive. Supermarkets do not accept doom muzak as currency!
Albums and merchandise are generally overpriced, yet only a very small portion of such sales go to the actual artist. Letting people donate seems like the best option, so why not expand on that system and immediately reward those people with some extra music?
The end result benefits everyone : no 3rd parties siphon off cash and everything goes straight to the artist, the donor has the opportunity to influence the making of a song, and all my fans get yet another free track.

Single tracks
Until Death Overtakes Me Releases new tracks on a regular basis.
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Since 1999, I've released 87 solo-albums, containing 395 songs and lasting 96 hours in total.
Click here to browse a list of all my albums to date.

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