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December 2020
The Final Border by I Dream No More from 2010 is now available on Bandcamp.
November 2020
• New Donate-4-Music track online A Forgotten Dream.
Cosmic Mind by Arcane Voidsplitter is now available as digipack from GS Productions.
Symphony III - Monolith and Days Without Hope are now available on Bandcamp. Both albums have been remastered.
October 2020
• New album Cosmic Mind by Arcane Voidsplitter available.
September 2020
• New Donate-4-Music track online Endling.
• VOLOK Records have released Voidgaze by Beyond Black Void as double-CD with two older bonus tracks. Click here to visit their website.
• The old UDOM and Void Overflow sites have merged into this new website. All my music-related info is now in one place.
August 2020
• New album The Hive by Fall of the Grey-Winged One available.
July 2020
• New track online The Sacrifice by Until Death Overtakes Me.
Fall of the Grey-Winged One takes part in a split album released by Raw Coffin Records.
June 2020
• New album Forests of the Old World by Nachtwald Weitstrider available.
May 2020
• New album And Be No More by Until Death Overtakes Me available.
April 2020
• New album Moon by Catnoms for Fluffy available.

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