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In Somnis
doom metal, founded in 1997

The history of In Somnis starts in spring of 1997 when a definite name of our band was set. D. Vermeersch (guitars) and Moribundus (vocals) were in the band, together with another guitarist and a bassplayer. K. -Soporifer- Villez (drums) entered the band in summer 1997. In 1998, the bassplayer was removed with a gentle hand. In 1999 Mab joined us on keys, but left soon together with D. Vermeersch. The other guitarist left the band too (spring 2000). Worried times...
In summer of 2000, Mab -now on flute- and D.Vermeersch re-entered the band and all the bonds were renewed. Login joined us a while on guitar, but left again in spring 2001 being too busy in other ways. At last we got on stage for the first time as a four headed band in November of 2001. After this gig, some more songs were written, and we were headed for the stage in the Frontline in Ghent for the first time in March of 2002. J. Bekaert joins in summer 2002 and E. -Perfidia- Villez comes in for 2 gigs in September. Both stage presence and our works themselves had been severely subjected to improvement. By Autumn 2002 the band counts six members with M. -ArgiŽl- Matthys on keys. In Spring of 2003 In Somnis hits some stages again. In Spring of 2003 In Somnis hits some stages again. In summer of 2003 a new bass player, S., is found and the band hits the stage for the first time with him in August 2003.
In August and September In Somnis goes into the studio for the recording of "The Memory You've Become". By end of October this first official release of the band sees daylight. The CD contains material from the first years to the latest. The genre that is heared on the first release is most close to "atmospheric doom metal" but contains as well influences from other metal genres, classical music, folk and gothic. The CD was firstly presented on Doomed Legions Fest in December 2003. Unfortunately, by May 2004 In Somnis parted ways with J. bekaert and M. -ArgiŽl- Matthys.
After a break, M. -Lethe Sacchs and C. -Kyrinla- Van Roos joined In Somnis ranks in August 2004. However, by March 2005 they parted ways with the band.
(Taken from the old In Somnis website)
Albums by In Somnis

 --- 10/2003 ---
The Memory You'v...

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