Chapter 180 : ěst Tarn (193 YA), page 3/5.

So. Welcome.

Some news regarding Xyth Era II...
Everything is still pointing towards a release date in early may 2024, so right after the conclusion of Era I.
I started work on Era I mid 2018, and the last page (#798) was completed late october 2022. I took me between 9 and 12 hours to create one page, and with 3 pages a week + a mobile version, I easily spent 30+ hours a week on my comic. Time well spent, but with life getting ever more expensive I have to dedicate more of my time doing things that make actual money. I've been preparing pages for Era II for several months now, so I have an idea of how much is involved. Releasing 3 pages a week is looking very unlikely at this point, and if I want to play it safe and build up a buffer, one page a week is more realistic as a starting point. This means the mobile version will on average be 1/3rd the length of Era I episodes.
I'll continue work with the aim of releasing 2 pages per week, but it's too soon to say whether that will be possible.
In the meanwhile, you can see some Era II teaser images here.

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