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In Crystal Chaos, the player helps the Xyloxi in safeguarding their nebulae against an invasion of Mithri leeches. Trick the leeches into devouring each other while collecting crystal cores. Several missions across 3 difficulty settings are available, including 3 boss battles.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.001 (3 august 2012).

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Control your Xyloxi character with the arrow or WASD keys. Pick up crystal cores while avoiding the Mithri leeches - if a leech touches the Xyloxi, it loses 1 heart.

Cores come in 3 colors, each providing your with a small bonus. Red cores launch a homing missile at the nearest leech, blue cores shield you from leech damage for a short time and yellow cores increase your speed for a short time.
Every 10th core you collect provides an additional bonus. The 10th red core launches a large number of missiles, every 10th blue core heals your Xyloxi for 1 heart and every 10th yellow core slows down all enemies for a short while.
In some missions, crystal towers will aid you against the Mithri - these towers fire missiles periodically, but they require energy to do so. Collecting crystal cores will charge the tower of the same color - each core allows a tower to fire 3 missiles.

Six mission types are available, each in 3 difficulties : Collect, Survive, Charge, Swarm, Endless and Boss.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
Easy missions Complete all 4 missions on easy 5
Normal missions Complete all 4 missions on normal 10
Hard missions Complete all 4 missions on hard 15
Ergolax Defeat Ergolax the many-eyed 10
Charadon Defeat Charadon the besieger 10
Intril Chcht Defeat Intril Chcht the horde 10
Pest Control Defeat 1000 or more leeches in total 5
Collector Collect 1000 or more crystal cores in total 5

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