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Hidden Dimensions : Spectrum, also known as HD Spectrum, is a collectible cards game set in a science-fiction environment. The cards represent ships, structures and actions, giving players the means to defeat their opponents.

There are 8 sets of cards in the game, representing the 8 alien races in the Xyth galaxy as well as a smaller set of relic & artifact cards. Each race has its own type of energy, which is needed to play cards of that race.

HD Spectrum is the follow-up to Hidden Dimensions and contains more cards, more gameplay modes, several improvements and multiplayer.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.517 (18 november 2011).

For the list of all versions so far, visit the NULLL forum.

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You control a baseship, capable of launching ships, deploying structures and performing actions. These are all represented by cards.

Structures are your main source of energy, this energy can be used to launch ships or perform actions. Ships serve both to defend your base from hostile ships or to attack your opponent’s base. Actions provide all kinds of ways to defend or attack.

Several single player gameplay modes are available :

  • Duel against the AI : play a single game against the AI. The AI can use premade or random decks.
  • Challenges : win against a set of decks with a specific strength to unlock cards.
  • Events : collect points for the various races to help them win large-scale events.

Multiplayer features two gameplay modes :

  • Ranked games : play against other players to gain pvp points. The more points you have, the higher your rank.
  • Unranked games : a low-entry mode perfect for friendly games or for testing out decks.

More informations in the game manual page.


There are 47 achievements to be unlocked in-game. These will reward the player with powerful cards.

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