Game Info

Hidden Dimensions is a collectible cards game set in a science-fiction environment. The cards represent ships, structures and actions, giving players the means to defeat their opponents.
There are 8 sets of cards in the game, representing the 8 alien races in the Xyth galaxy as well as a smaller set of relic & artifact cards. Each race has its own type of energy, which is needed to play cards of that race.

Version Info

Latest versions :
V 1.041 (13 februari 2011). Play it on the NULLL Site nulllicon.jpg
V 1.042 (13 februari 2011). Play it at Kongregate kongicon.jpg

For the list of all versions so far, visit the NULLL forum.


You control a baseship, capable of launching ships, deploying structures and performing actions. These are all represented by cards.

Structures are your main source of energy, this energy can be used to launch ships or perform actions.
Ships serve both to defend your base from hostile ships or to attack your opponent’s base.
Actions provide all kinds of ways to defend or attack.

You can build your own decks, use the premade decks or use the random deck generator for endless possibilities.

Once on the combat screen, cards in your hand can be played (provided you have enough energy) simply by clicking them and then clicking the location where you want the ship or structure to go.
In a similar way you choose targets for actions : first click the action in your hand to perform it, then choose a target if the action requires one.

Achievements & Points

The game has 33 achievements, they are listed on the Achievements page.
If you are logged in to the NULLL site while viewing that page, it will show you your progress towards completing the various achievements.

Additional points : one point for every two games won.

History & Trivia

Development of Hidden Dimensions started in march 2010. At that point the game was being made in XNA game studio. Shortly after the completion of the Star Mass update (april 2010), SVC decided it would be more interesting to make games in flash instead, since there are a lot more ways for indie flash games to be promoted or distributed.

The alpha version that already existing was turned into a flash game and further development was done only for this flash version. The game was completed in august of the same year and released mid oktober.

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