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Rivi'i Hell pits the player against enemy ships hiding in the dustclouds of asteroid belts. Clever targeting and monitoring the area for signs of enemy ships will ensure victory.
Features 16 levels and 4 bonus levels. There are 16 upgradable ships to be unlocked.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.001 (07 april 2013).

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Using a small fleet containing up to 8 ships, players face enemy Rivi'i ships hiding in the dust clouds of asteroid belts. The same dust also hides the player's ships from the enemy. As there are only a limited number of locations where enemy ships can be hiding, it should only be a matter of time before the enemy ships are taken care of, but the longer it takes to track them down, the more opportunities the enemy has to attack the player's ships.

Every time an enemy ship fires in the direction of your fleet, it gives away some information about its location, but the same is true about your ships. Let your ships take turns firing shots to minimize the risk while the enemy slowly reveals their location.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
25 wins Win 25 battles across all difficulties 5
50 wins Win 50 battles across all difficulties 10
100 wins Win 100 battles across all difficulties 20
Complete easy mode Complete all missions on easy mode 5
Complete normal mode Complete all missions on normal mode 10
Complete hard mode Complete all missions on hard mode 20

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