Game Info

Star Mass is a hybrid dungeon crawl-rpg. Set in a space setting, in the Xyth galaxy, the traditional rpg warrior-mage-cleric classes have been replaced by combat, specialist and logistics ships. The player controls a squadron of 5 such ships and gets to explore 20 levels in a storyline, meeting powerfull foes. Once the storyline is complete the game will provide randomly generated maps indefinately.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.006 (19 may 2011). Play it on the NULLL Site nulllicon.jpg
This version hands out one statpoint for a random ship once per day for people who are logged in while playing the game.

For the list of all versions so far, visit the NULLL forum.


The entire game can be controlled using only the mouse. Clicking locations on the map will move your fleet there, if the location contains a hostile fleet, you will have to defeat it before your fleet can move to that location. Locations can also contain stores, where you can buy or sell equipment for your ships. Occasionally you might come across wrecks of unknown ships - be sure to investigate these as they will contain some loot.

Combat itself is turnbased. Each ship gets to perform one action. The available actions depend on the type of ship and it's current equipment. To select an action, simply click it in the bottom panel and a number of valid targets will be shown for this action. Then click a target for this action to apply its effect. All hostile ships have to be defeated. Defeat the Sector Control Fleet to gain access to the gate which will allow your fleet to travel to the next sector map.

To change the fittings on your ships, or to view ship stats, click on of the ship portraits in the bottom panel, while on the sector map. This will bring up the cargo screen where you can manage the equipment of your ships.

Leveling up is automatic : everytime your fleet completes a map, all your ships will gain a level and some statpoints. These statpoints can be applied to several ship stats in the cargo screen. When your ships reach level 5, 10 and 20, they can be upgraded. An upgrade makes your ships stronger and provides additional actions and equipment slots.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
Scout Reach level 20 10
Explorer Reach level 50 25
Pioneer Reach level 100 50
Destroyer Defeat 850 ships 20
Annihilator Defeat 2000 ships 40
Destroyer Defeat 4000 ships 80
Collector Aquire a total of 1500 items 15
Packrat Aquire a total of 3500 items 35
Hoarder Aquire a total of 7000 items 70