Game Info

The follow-up to one of the first NULLL Games. Once again, players get to explore the mysterious Technospire in this turn-based sci-fi roguelike.
Visit the many floors of the Technospire, dealing with its guardians and avoiding its many traps. Collect datacubes to boost your character and its abilities.

Features 33 levels, each with two additional difficulty modes.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.002 (24 august 2013).

Play Technospire 2 in your browser on the NULLL Site nulllicon.jpg
Download Technospire 2 for your Android tablet from the Google play store.

Download Technospire 2 for Windows here (.exe), and for Mac and Linux (and Windows, too) computers here (.jar). Requires java in all cases, which can be downloaded here.
Note : for Linux, you might have to change permissions for the .jar file, so that it can be executed as a program.

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Explore the Technospire with your ship, avoiding the traps placed on walls and floors. The guardians of the Technospire will attempt to stop you - use your ship's abilities or weapons to deal with them.
Throughout the spire you'll find datacubes which can be used to boost the stats and abilities of your ship.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
Complete the spire Complete all normal levels 10
Complete the spire hard mode Complete all levels with extra traps and ships enabled 25
Traveller Travel 2500 tiles 10
Destroyer Defeat 2500 ships 10
Annihilator Defeat 5000 ships 25
Boosted Pick up 1000 boosts 10

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