Game Info

Technospire is a dungeon crawl taking place inside a giant mysterious tower-like structure, afloat in space.

Version Info

The game is currently in alpha, the first open alpha was released in september 2010.

No further development on the php version of the game is planned, however a flash game based on the idea of Technospire is planned.


The entire game can be controlled using only the mouse. Click the arrow buttons in the panel on the right to move your ship around. Moving onto loot crates or consumable kits will automatically pick those items up. Move onto a location occupied by another ship to start combat.

Each level has a boss ship which needs to be defeated before you can move on to the next level. Entering a new level will also gain your ship a level.

Once per level you can also warp out of the tower to visit a store and sell any loot you might have gathered or buy new equipment and supplies for your ship.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
Alpha-tester Complete at least 1 level 5
Explorer Complete 100 levels 10

Additional points : one point per highest level reached.

History & Trivia

Technospire started off as an exercise while learning PHP and MySQL syntax. Instead of building a site with a content management system, it seemed more interesting to build a game instead. At the same time this would allow to test out several gameplay mechanics which were to be used in future flash games.

Technospire was made before the current version of the NULLL site was online, hence it is not integrated into the site in the same manner as the flash games are. No further development is planned for Technospire, but a flash game in the same style is planned.