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Ultranought lets the player control a massive Rivi'i warship (the Ultranought). Through 24 levels, the player meets various alien opponents who have to be defeated to ensure the Rivi'i maintain their hold on a newly conquered region.

Version Info

Latest version : V 1.003 (11 november 2011).

For the list of all versions so far, visit the NULLL forum.

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You control a massive Ultranought that can build and launch ships, upgrade itself to meet the needs of the battlefield and has various tools to deal with enemy fleets.

Ships can be built in 4 sizes, and each ship can be customized. Add armor plates, weapon systems and engines to help your ships defeat the enemy fleet.

The Ultranought itself might be fixed in position at one end of the battlefield, but its superweapon and special actions can reach all over the battlefield.

Defend your Ultranought against the fleets of the enemy base, while preparing to launch your own fleet. Once your fleet has defeated all the enemy ships, have it crush the enemy base.

Three difficulty modes, each with 24 opponents await you. Every victory awards you with skillpoints that can be invested in 18 different skills.

Achievements & Points

The following achievements can be unlocked during the game :

Icon Title Requirement Points
Normal Complete the campaign on normal mode 10
Elite Complete the campaign on elite mode 20
Legend Complete the campaign on legend mode 30
Dreadnought Defeat 5000 ships 5
Juggernought Defeat 15000 ships 10
Ultranought Defeat 50000 ships 20

To check your progress in completing these achievements, check the Achievements page. (Requires you to be logged in to the site).

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