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Warstations (also know as HD Warstations), is part of the Hidden Dimensions series of card games. Warstations combines a gameplay mechanic similar to that of the classic Arcomage game with the cards and background stories of the Hidden Dimensions card series.

Version Info

Latest versions :
V 1.010 (22 august 2011). Play it on the NULLL Site nulllicon.jpg
V 1.009 (22 august 2011). Play it at Kongregate kongicon.jpg


Players control a warstation and have a deck of cards. The cards provide the player with means to generate resources, improve their station's defense and launch ships to attack their opponent.

The station itself is capable of providing 3 types of resources : energy, metals and pilots. These are needed to play cards.

The game has 3 gameplay modes :

  • Campaign : learn more about the Technomancer alien race, while exploring a sector of space. You are looking to obtain new technologies from other alien races, on your travels you will meet various opponents.
  • Quick Fight : fight a single duel against any of the opponents from the campaign, or let the game choose a random opponent for you.
  • Multiplayer : fight against players from all over the world.

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