Make a donation

The games created by NULLL are made available for free. NULLL Games is not a company and doesn't exist solely to generate profits, but there are some costs involved in creating these games and making them available. By placing ads inside the games and on the NULLL games website, most of these costs can be recuperated.
All NULLL games, their content and the website are created and maintained by just one person. On average i spend about 10 hours each day working on NULLL games related stuff.

If you want to help out NULLL with its operational costs, or contribute to future plans, you can do so by using the donate button on the front page of the site, which will take you to the paypal site. If you prefer to use moneybookers, you can send any donation to
In any case, when you make a donation, be sure to include your username of your account on the NULLL site. Any donation of 5$ (or 4 euro) or more will remove ads for your account for ever, when you are visiting the NULLL site (might not apply to all older games).

Click here to visit the donation info page on the website