4th Moon of Xyth

4th Moon of Xyth (or just 'Xyth' for short) is the title of the story upon which most NULLL games are based. The story has been evolving continuously since 2001 and small parts of it have been released in various forms. There have been various online attempts to capture the story in comic or text form, or a mix of both. There have been 3D teasers and animation tests, as well as an attempt at a novel-meets-travellogue. Even so, most of the story has remained unreleased.

Through past and future NULLL games, the story will be told and the wiki will play an important role in this as well. On this page, you'll find a list of all major sections in the wiki that have something to do with the storyline.

Xyth refers to the galaxy where the story takes place, but there's also a star system in this galaxy with the same name. The capital planet in this sector is also called Xyth and has 3 natural moons. Humans decided to settle in this sector and anchored their outpost in orbit around planet Xyth. As the huge outpost can be seen as another moon, it was called 4th Moon of Xyth.

The Xyth story is primarily a science-fiction tale, but in the large galaxy where most of it takes place, there are worlds harbouring relatively young lifeforms, some of which are still in an age equivalent to the middle ages on Earth.

The Story

Available as webcomic-webserial hybrid. Click here to start reading.

Alien races in the galaxy of Xyth

Throughout the story, 8 intelligent, space-faring races will play an important role. The following articles provide a brief overview of these lifeforms. Each of these pages also contains an index of additional articles specific to the race.