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For the past 18 years, I combined music with a number of part-time jobs. The idea had ever been to be frugal and spend as little time as possible on things other than music.
This has proven to be unsustainable in recent years. As of january 2024, I will be switching to a full-time job. I can't predict what the impact will be on the release schedule I maintained the past couple years, but it's safe to assume I'll be putting out much less music.
May 2024
• New track online : Northward by Festerkalt.
April 2024
• New track online : filled with vile purpose by Ekket-Faug.
March 2024
• New Donate-4-Music track online : Dirge by The Ethereal. Also available from Bandcamp.
February 2024
• New music video online : A Call From Within by In The Mist.
• An interview with Until Death Overtakes Me appears in the first volume of the Ethere funeral doom magazine. For more info, check out the Convivial Hermit website.
January 2024
• New Donate-4-Music track online : Unbound by Until Death Overtakes Me.
Until Death Overtakes Me has been working on an album called Diagenesis since 2009. It should be released somewhere in 2024 through Aesthetic Death.
December 2023
Arcane Voidsplitter has a new album out : ARC-V. Get the digital version from bandcamp.
November 2023
• New track online : Undream by Until Death Overtakes Me.
October 2023
Catnoms for Fluffy has a new album out : Chez Cat. Available as digital download and CD-r.
September 2023
• New track online : Unwander by Until Death Overtakes Me.

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