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March 2023
Until Death Overtakes Me has a new album out : Decay Into Irrelevance. Available as free download on Bandcamp and as 2 CD-Rs.
February 2023
Aeonic Dirge has a new album out : Rift Spirits.
• Any purchase of a CD-r or shirt from my projects now comes with a download code for an album of the same project on Bandcamp.
• Shirts are now available from the store. Currently on offer are shirts for the upcoming Until Death Overtakes Me and Inframonolithium albums. More designs are planned.
• New Donate-4-Music track online : A Bleak Declaration by Until Death Overtakes Me.
• The first volume of my webcomic is now available in digital format. Check out the store for more info.
January 2023
• New track online : Wretch by Until Death Overtakes Me.
December 2022
Arcane Voidsplitter has a new album out : Cold Stars.
November 2022
• New track online : Other Days by Until Death Overtakes Me.
October 2022
Bateaux Inconnus has a new album out : Seas and Mirrors.
• New Donate-4-Music track online : Frere Jacques by Until Death Overtakes Me.
• I found a new print-on-demand service for my albums, located in the EU and UK. It's more expensive than the USA-based services, but might be an interesting alternative if you don't like customs fees. Check out the store page for more info.
September 2022
• New track online : All Secrets Onto Death by Until Death Overtakes Me.
• I've made several more albums available on CDr. This should be all of them, check the Kunaki website for the full list.
• One of the newly uploaded albums contains previously unreleased material by The NULLL Collective. I've also made this album available for download through Bandcamp, alongside remastered versions of De Monstris, From Funeral Skies, and Infra Sub Ultra.
August 2022
Ekket-Faug has a new album out : Reaching Lichdom Supreme.
July 2022
• New track online : The Burden by Until Death Overtakes Me.

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