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About S.V.C.

I started playing guitar mid 1997. Almost right away, I found in things I created a medium for texts I wrote in those days. My earliest music was influenced by the genres I listened to at the time, mainly black metal, darkwave and gothic. Gradually I began creating a sound of my own.
By the time I had the first few things that could be called actual songs, proper music, I had gone through a number of potential band names, and settled on Until Death Overtakes Me somewhere in 1999. My music at that point still had ties with metal and darkwave, but also gained ambient and experimental elements.
After a couple tests, a first, and limited, release happened in 2001. Another album followed shortly after, then the first release was rewritten and made available again. By then, UDOM's sound had evolved towards a combination of slow doom metal and ambient/wave.
I continued experimenting with sounds, resulting in a number of side-projects, most with their own releases, while UDOM put out a few more albums.

For a number of reasons I had to take a break from music, starting mid 2011, and lasting until late 2015. During this time I focussed on programming computer games, but still managed to create some music.

From early 2016, I began releasing UDOM material again. Still experimenting with sound, I ended up with a number of side-projects as well, and some of the old projects became active, too.

From here on, I aim to make new material available on my website each month, be it new UDOM tracks or albums, or stuff by my side-projects. As has ever been the case, the majority of this music will be available as free downloads.
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Most of my time these days is spent creating a fantasy/science-fiction webcomic called Xyth Eras.
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I have a youtube channel where you can find videos for some of my music.
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My graphical works are available on several art sites.
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I occasionally create graphical assets aimed at computer games.
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I used to run a CD-R label called NULLL Records.
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I've made several computer games in the past.
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