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Rights clarification :

Note : this applies to tracks written and recorded by myself. This doesn't apply by default to covers I've made, works that have been created with other people, or works that have not been released by myself.

When you download music from my site, you are allowed to convert it to other formats, store it on whatever media you want, create copies of it, and share them with your friends, within reason.

I'd appreciate the following :
1. If you upload my works to other sites for whatever reason, do mention that the originals were gotten from me (or my site) and were free to begin with, and provide a link to my site.
2. If you provide my works to others in any way, that you do not charge for, or make money from doing so.

Things I'd rather see not happen at all :
1. Use of my works (partial or full) as parts of other works, without getting my permission first. Covers, parodies and such are perfectly fine. Use of unedited tracks combined with imagery (for on youtube for instance) is fine, as long as you mention my website as source of the audio, and as long as you're not making money from this.
2. Selling my works without my permission, or claiming them as your own (this is illegal in many countries to begin with).

Copyrights are generally a tool to restrict what users can do with creative works, and to extract money from those people. This is contrary to what I'm trying to achieve : to make access and non-commercial use of my works easy and free.
However, my works are not in the public domain (exceptions : see below).
Dedicated to the public domain :
The following compositions have been dedicated to the public domain. In other words, only the notes are public domain, not the arrangements or recordings I've made, nor any lyrics for these songs.
In most cases I will not provide sheet music or midi files for these compositions

They Never Hope (2000, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Silent Dreams (2000, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Hibernus Silentius (2000, I Dream No More)
In The Mist (2000-10, Until Death Overtakes Me)
This Dark Day (2001-04, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Absence Of Life (2001-06, Until Death Overtakes Me)
And Death Took Her Smile Away (2001-08, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Undigested Remains (2002, Tear Your Soul Apart)
In Pain (2002, Tear Your Soul Apart)
Funeral Dance (2002-03-27, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Monolith (2002-04-28, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Hate Me (2002-06, Fall of the Grey-Winged One)
Aeons Of Dreams (2002-06, Fall of the Grey-Winged One)
Locked (2002-06, Fall of the Grey-Winged One)
NULLL (2002-06, Fall of the Grey-Winged One)
Soon (2002-06-10, Until Death Overtakes Me)
In Orbit (2002-06-20, Dreams of Dying Stars)
Stardance (2002-06-21, Dreams of Dying Stars)
Lost (2002-10-01, In The Mist)
Slip Away (2002-11-15, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Prelude to Monolith (2002-11-25, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Missing (2002-11-27, Until Death Overtakes Me)
The Hive (2002-12, Fall of the Grey-Winged One)
Devourer of Worlds (2002-12-18, Dreams of Dying Stars)
Drowning in the Sun (2003, Dreams of Dying Stars)
Distant Void (2003, Dreams of Dying Stars)
Before (2003, Until Death Overtakes Me)
Shapes (2003-11, Cold Aeon)
Night (2003-11-23, Forbidden Fields)

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