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Arcane Voidsplitter
massive ambient funeral drone/doom, founded in 2017

With the near-complete emptiness of space as a cloak, the Arcane Voidsplitter floats unseen, silent as if dead. Its powers are locked onto the heart of a nearby galaxy.
A vessel whose builders have long since passed into the far, dim reaches of history, leaving no clues as to its purpose. A weapon? What threat warrants upsetting the balance that keeps a galaxy whole?
A sleeping ship. Has it served its purpose or does it merely wait? Has its machinery ever been used? Light, for now, still brings us imagery of a past where its target is whole.
Albums by Arcane Voidsplitter

 --- 09/2017 ---
To Reach Beyond
--- 03/2019 ---
Voice of the Stars
--- 10/2020 ---
Cosmic Mind
--- 11/2022 ---
Cold Stars
--- 11/2023 ---

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