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ARC-V (11/2023) by Arcane Voidsplitter

 Tracklist (total length = 61:13)

1. Engine of Destruction
2. Engine of Creation
Final research report.
The division between the linguists and astrophysicists remains.
Both groups are convinced the name of the vessel translates to 'Arcane Voidsplitter', but where to the former a black hole and a void are the same thing, to the latter there is an important difference.
A black hole is an area of space where the quantum fields, within the bounds of our reality, have reached saturation levels, while in a void, those levels are absolute zero and expose the nulll plane.
The only other fact we are sure of is the machinery aboard the vessel is aimed at the black hole of a nearby galaxy, but this is not proof the Arcane Voidsplitter is a weapon.
What then, does it mean to split the void? Is the Arcane Voidsplitter an engine of destruction, or one of creation?

This album can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

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