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Decay Into Irrelevance (02/2023) by Until Death Overtakes Me

 Tracklist (total length = 126:43)

1. Acceptance
2. The Burden
3. All Secrets Onto Death
4. Other Days
5. Wretch
6. The Dreaming Sea
7. Filtering out of Reality
8. A Bleak Declaration
9. Frere Jacques
10. Dreams of Other Worlds
Collected works part VI : 2021-2023
A collection of the single tracks released between mid 2021 and early 2023.

This album can be downloaded from Bandcamp.

This album is also available as 2 high-quality CD-Rs with printed CD, 2-page insert and inlay. Also available is a T-shirt with art based on this album. Check out the store page for more info.


pillars of reality
have fallen out of sight
shimmering legions part
without end
promise of vast silence
without end
the call at last
infinity begins
the call at last
an end of the self
an end to all that was
and no more beginnings

The Burden

shattered mind reforged in hate
why must i witness these horrors?
ever turmoil shatter reforge shatter reforge
and again and again
and what relief shall death offer?
and again and again
until only the scars are real

Other Days

fill me with grief
'til nothing else remains
the unseen stretches out ahead
the lure of days not yet revealed
if time could only hasten
and carry me there
and to the nothing beyond


wretch nothing but a wretch
irrelvant derelict carrier of decay
fragments of the real - remember wretch
but it all decays with me - it all rots like me
wretch - decay. wretch – die.
wretch - now. wretch – ever.

The Dreaming Sea

sail with us
ship of the dead
over the edge
where time rests
void without end
dream of nothing
sail with us
scatter like stars
sleep without end
dream of nothing

Filtering out of Reality

what was never returns
what is, out of reach
filter out of reality
past and future the same
with or without
i was never here

Frère Jacques

Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques,
Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous?
Sonnez les matines! Sonnez les matines!
Êtes-vous morts? Rêvez-vous?
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